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Automated video replays for game developers

Generate event-driven gameplay videos to build social experiences in your games.

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For community managers

Power to the players

Empower your players to increase community engagement by allowing them to easily share their gameplay experiences. Incite new interactions.

Featured use case:

Video replays for strategy optimization.

Bob wins a battle

A video replay is generated

Who saw the tickle gun
I was rooting for Bob the entire time

Other players see Bob's video and learn a new strategy.

For product teams

Built with growth in mind

Easily find and feature the best user-generated content to promote in-app purchases.

How it works

Showdown is a game engine plugin and platform that generates, distributes, and surfaces engaging video replays of key gameplay events.


Showdown has three major components:


Analyzes real-time gameplay events to identify potential highlights.

// Send an event
ShowdownCustom.Instance.AddEvent("wounded", value: 43);

// Add contextual data, captured for all events
class ShowdownCustom
public override Dictionary GetCurrentGameKPIS (){
  Dictionary datas = new Dictionary ();
  datas.Add("score", PlayerController.Instance.score.ToString());
  datas.Add("level", PlayerController.Instance.level.ToString());
  return datas;

Video Production

Analyzes and assembles the highlights, sends the video segments to the cloud for processing, and a replay is generated.

//Launch a dialog for editing the video

//Share a video using system share


Controls content distribution within the player base and enables an in-game social graph.

// Getting recommended videos for the user

// Searching for a video featuring a specific item on a given level
Dictionary query = new Dictionary ();
query.Add("level", "8");
query.Add("weapon", "chaos_sword");
ShowdownVideoList videos = ShowdownCustom.Instance.Search(query)

// Store a "Like" on a video

// Let users follow each others

Global platform

Global CDN
Videos generated
Data centers in US, Europe, Asia
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